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I am proud to welcome you to the exciting and growing Texarkana community.  Attached is information substantiating the success of the multi-county – multi-state region thriving on diversity of business, entertainment and culture.  The Texarkana USA Chamber of Commerce continues its long history of economic development, business growth, and community service through the efforts and dedication of community and business leaders.

The Chamber focuses on initiatives supporting the continual improvement our quality of life by recruiting, welcoming, uniting and promoting business. The Chamber is your first point of contact for information.  It is the contact location for individuals considering the region as a place to locate a business or to make this their home. The Chamber is quick to respond with information on business sites, community events, retail centers, long term and short term stays, and restaurants.  A talented group of community professionals are available to make your visit, stay our relocation a success.

The Chamber continues initiatives of inviting new business but retaining a strong business base.  Texarkana’s early business was rooted in the convergence of many railroads opening the west to business expansion.  This tradition continues today with the convergence of major highways bring visitors and businesses to a new welcoming business region.  Located successfully, Texarkana encompasses two active business states with employment attraction from four states.  Texarkana is the center of commerce for the region.

Business retention is a major thrust in the Chamber’s initiatives.  The Chamber actively brings businesses together to foster a symbiotic relationship of mutually beneficial activities to strengthen and expand opportunities.  Every business is important in our community.  The Chamber encourages the growth of the total community including education, recreation, the arts, and cultural development.  It partners with and leads actions to strengthen the lives of our citizens and guests.  It is a community of families and leaders seeking the best for all.   The Chamber is a leader in the community and invites your engagement in all Texarkana has to offer.

I hope this brief snapshot provides the information and insights into our community.  It truly is a great place to live, work, start a business and to grow a business.  Texarkana is more than just a name on a map.  It is a region of prosperity and a regional community with a future.  It is a community of people living and working together to make a difference. WE are Texarkana!


Michael Malone, CCE

President, Chief Executive Officer






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